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Privacy statement - General Data Protection Regulation



New privacy policy General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May 2018.

We value the protection of your personal data and the fact that your privacy is being respected.
In our privacy statement we create a clear and transparant view on how we deal with your personal data.
We'll do anything to garantuee your privacy and therefore carefully manage your data.

About our privacy statement...

Your data is only used to send our newsletters, the ones you registered for: Eurocoins light, Eurocoins XL, world coins, new items stamps, offers stamps / lotenlijst, europe cept and/or stamp materials / catalogi. Your emailaddress suffies, without obligation you can share more details. We'll also keep you updated about special openings or closings of our shop and we may inform you about events, such as (inter)national fairs.
When needed we will ask for more personal details to handle orders and subscriptions. We usually need: name, first name, company, address, phone numer, btw number and areas of interest. This also for registration to our webshop, so that we have all needed information to handle orders correctly and efficiently.

The  processing of your personal data is restricted to only those data that are minimally required for the purposes needed. We explicitely ask for permission if needed to process your data.
Under no circumstances your data is shared with third parties without your consent. This for example for legally substantiated questions such as VAT controles.

We are aware of your rights regarding your personal data, want to point this out and respect these. We took all necessary measures to ensure the security of your data. All persons that have access to your details are obliged to maintain confidentiality. We also use a user name and password policy on our systems. Our employees have been informed about the importance of the protection of your personal data.

You can request, change or delete your data at any time by contacting us via or by calling 03 226 40 68 or by writing to De Beul - Sint-Katelijnevest 38, 2000 Antwerp, or personally in our shop. Registering for the newsletters is completely free of obligation. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you have any questions, complaints or comments, you can always contact us and you always have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commission, the supervisory authority in the field of privacy protection.

Read our full privacy statement here (Dutch)

We hope to have informed you sufficiently.